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The equipment offered by ibioTek has been designed for optimal use without consumables

Focus Light



  • Treats all hair colours & skin types from light to dark.
  • Treats all skin types from white to dark skin
  • No pain, short treatment sessions.
  • Effective & safe treatment for permanent hair removal

iBioTek Machines

Focus Light

Power Lipo


  • Tripolar RF for body
  • Tripolar RF for face .
  • Cavitaion liposuction
  • Vacuum RF roller cellulite
  • Cooling head lock nutrient


Application Fange :
Fat removal. cellulite removal body. slimming, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removal. Improveblood circulation, relaxing muscles

Application area :
body, face, arms and legs:

iBioTek Machines

Power Sculpt


iBiotek uses technology based on high intensity focused Electromagnetic Energy, whose principle is based on high intensity targeted electromagnetism. It allows to reach 20,000 muscular contractions (i.e. 20,000 squats or crunches) in 30 minutes, which cannot be reached voluntarily.

This fitness and slimming device will find its place in sports, wellness or slimming establishments.

iBioTek Machines

Why choose IBIOTEK?

IBIOTEK causes extreme muscle contractions up to 1000 times in a few seconds, targeting fat loss in the muscle area. IBIOTEK provides non-invasive body contouring, comparable to 6 months of intensive physical training with diet. Unlike other current medical and aesthetic slimming techniques, IBIOTEK promotes muscle gain, not just subcutaneous fat loss like cryolipolysis.
The results are felt from the 1st session. The session develops the muscles by sculpting the silhouette in 4 sessions:
– 19% of fat mass
+ 16% more muscle mass

IBIOTEK is the only non-invasive treatment approved in the world.

iBioTek Machines

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